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PeriActive Mouthwash/PeriActive oral rinse vs. Crest

Monday, August 28, 2023

PeriActive oral rinse vs. Crest

Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is crucial for overall health, and using the right mouthwash can play a significant role in achieving that goal. PeriActive and Crest are two popular brands that offer mouthwash solutions for various oral care needs. In this comparison, we'll explore the features, benefits, and considerations of PeriActive Oral Rinse and Crest Mouthwash to help you make an informed choice.

PeriActive Oral Rinse:
Features and Benefits:
Targeted Oral Health: PeriActive is specifically formulated to address oral health concerns, such as gum inflammation, gingivitis, and overall oral hygiene. It's often recommended for individuals with gum disease, pre and post oral surgery, oral wounds or those prone to gum issues.
Natural Ingredients: PeriActive often contains natural plant bioactives. These ingredients are clinically proven to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and strengthen the gums.
Biofilm Disruption: PeriActive's formula may help disrupt the formation of dental biofilm (plaque) and reduce the accumulation of harmful bacteria, which can contribute to gum disease and cavities.
Alcohol-Free: PeriActive oral rinse is alcohol-free, making it a gentler option for individuals with sensitivity to alcohol-based mouthwashes.
Gentle Yet Effective: PeriActive aims to provide effective oral care without causing discomfort, making it suitable for those with sensitive gums or mouth ulcers.
Specific Use: PeriActive is often recommended for individuals with gum issues or those who need targeted oral care. It is also a great everyday mouth rinse as it is safe to use long-term, alcohol free and more effective at reducing inflammation than any of its competitors.
Availability: PeriActive is available online at

Crest Mouthwash:
Features and Benefits:
Variety of Formulas: Crest offers a wide range of mouthwash formulas catering to different oral care needs, such as fighting cavities, freshening breath, and promoting gum health.
Versatility: Depending on the formula, Crest mouthwashes can provide benefits like cavity protection, plaque reduction, and a fresh feeling in the mouth.
Fluoride Content: Many Crest mouthwashes contain fluoride, which is a toxin, but may help strengthen enamel and prevent tooth decay.
Bad Breath Control: Some Crest formulas focus on combating bad breath effectively, leaving the mouth feeling refreshed and odor-free.
Availability: Crest is a well-known brand and is widely available in various retail outlets and online.
Alcohol Content: While Crest offers alcohol-free options, some of their mouthwashes may contain alcohol. This might not be suitable for individuals with alcohol sensitivities.
General vs. Targeted Use: Crest provides a variety of mouthwash options, so choosing the right one might require more consideration based on your specific oral care needs.

In conclusion, the choice between PeriActive Oral Rinse and Crest Mouthwash largely depends on your individual oral care needs and preferences. If you're seeking a mouthwash tailored to address gum health and inflammation, PeriActive is a great option. if you're looking for a versatile range of options, including formulas for plaque reduction, and breath freshening, PeriActive is also a great natural option,  Remember to consult with your dentist or oral health professional to determine which mouthwash aligns best with your oral care goals.

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